Soroosh School
Sept. 20, 2022

What is soroosh school ?

Since we consider educating and informing society about the rules and the way of working in the financial markets, our goal and mission is to offer many educational programs in the form of the title of Soroosh school in cyberspace.

In this project, we teach up-to-date training in capital and risk management, fundamental technical analysis, and a variety of trading methods. The tutorials are in the form of video as well as audio and photo files. But one of our unique training is psychology for financial markets, which is offered by highly skilled and educated people, and for the first time in the world, training at such a level and scientific and up-to-date is offered.

Feedback and results

According to the statistics of the technology and public relations department of the company, nearly thirty thousand people have used the pieces of training in this section so far, and now this number is increasing sharply, the training is widely spread on Telegram, YouTube, and, of course, Instagram. Plus this services education our department releases daily analysis in an educational style which is unique and invented by them, that could help people to get familiar with different types of technical analysis and fundamental.

According to surveys, seventy-five percent of people are earning money through our educational system, which is also provided completely free of charge, and we are proud to offer these pieces of training and try to offer pieces of training in two new languages. We are also.

Who can use these tutorials ?

Education is free for the general public, as we mentioned, we consider education as our mission.

Only by subscribing to our social networks such as YouTube and Telegram will you be able to watch classified and regular training on a daily basis.

Soroosh school educational sections

  1. Fundamental analysis
  2. Trading psychology
  3. Risk management
  4. Using different trading Technical analysis {price action}
  5. platforms
  6. How to create and sell NFT
  7. How to play and earn money
  8. Blockchain system
  9. Programming clues for blockchain