In recent years, Dubai has introduced new technologies in several ways. Consumers are at the forefront of all innovation, whether they are considering new technology solutions or rethinking existing optimization solutions to achieve better results and meet demand. With strong support from local governments, the use of advanced technologies is welcomed and encouraged in many places, including Dubai. The government appointed the minister of AI in 2017 to improve performance and create an innovative and productive environment for local businesses. With the vision of 2021, Dubai has established itself as an innovative country and represents the Arab region in the world.


Artificial intelligence

It represents a post-mobility management phase that depends on various services, industries and future infrastructure projects. This strategy is the initial of its kind within the region and the world and aims to reach the centenary of the founding of Dubai. Improving the performance of the council at all levels use integrated sensible digital systems that may quickly overcome challenges and supply effective solutions Make Dubai the first country to invest in artificial intelligence in all sectors.


Startups In Dubai

Startups are a major player in the local economy as many governments have made huge investments in recent years to provide incentives and incentives for their development. The same goes for Dubai, where start-ups are starting to grow rapidly. Starting a startup in Dubai has many benefits, including the emirate's booming economy.


Crypto that does not require government or banks. This is a crypto currency, where people reside, and it is created with cryptocurrencies that allow you to buy, sell or trade securely.

Crypto investors will create loads of cash when they visit Dubai. Unlike other crypto laws, Dubai does not allow capital gains or personal income tax. Dubai is poised to become the crypto capital with two more crypto currency companies opening city-state offices.